Draco x reader drowning

draco x reader drowning Let’s just say your bottom, had been hurting Before Steve can react, she’s swiftly climbing over the center console and landing on Steve’s lap, slamming her own feet on the pedals, kicking his off forcefully- he’s slightly too incapacitated by her being this close, her hair in his face, the scent of her shampoo drowning out his panic for a second, instead making him nervous for another reason. I’ve just been very nervous to post it because the ending is so bad . black, ronweasley  10 May 2017 Bravery | Draco Malfoy X Reader Request: Hey was wondering if you could write a vcat55 reblogged this from drowning-in-the-universe. Request: Love your stuff , is there any chance I could request a Draco x reader where Draco breaks up with you/reader because he’s a death eater , but then discovers ( reader/you ) is also a death eater and they feel less lonely going through together ? Drowning- Draco Malfoy x Reader Jelly Slugs- Harry Potter x Reader Minnie's Daughter- James Potter x Reader Stupid Dance, Stupid Teenagers- Remus Lupin x Reader Reader} from the story HP x Reader by Ginger_Queen_ (Jade) with 1,956 reads. 6 Sep 2019 Riddikulus (Draco Malfoy x reader) Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter) x reader You drown out the teacher's voice, the students around you ceased  25 Jun 2018 Last summer, there were many reports in the news and on social media about “ dry drowning” – where individuals, particularly children,  3 Jul 2017 A child susceptible to complications from nearly drowning would have been pulled from the water, coughing and sputtering, and in some cases  Draco and the Malfoys are a wizard rock band founded in Woonsocket, Rhode Island in 2004. Focus*- Draco is forced to be your partner in potions becaue you suck at school despite being a Ravenclaw. ” You blurt, soon realizing what you said. Word count - 592. Gryffindor had just won a Quidditch match against Slytherin, so all the Quidditch-enthusiasts were celebrating. Leave Her Alone (Draco x Reader) Request: Hi could u write a Draco x reader where the reader is shy and keeps to herself. Rowling. You tried to catch him right after the Slytherin team’s evaluation meeting, only to get a “Sorry (y/n), lover boy’s not here. " Draco said, he threw his arms up in the air for good measure. ” With a smirk, he picked you up and rushed out of there. So if it's bad or OOC, please correct and help me. You ran out and shouted, “Stop it!” Trust {Draco Malfoy x Reader} Chapter 8. “Malfoy. Here - Draco x Reader Imagine. (Regulus, Sirius, James and Remus x Reader) ~ incomplete . fluff. A combination of fear, anger, and guilt festered and grew - to the point where he felt as if he were continuously drowning - day in and day out. Word Count: 4683. He decided to ignore her, and he swam to the shore to take off his robe. The boys I will make stories for can be boys from the Harry Potter era, the Marauders era, the next generation, or whatever you'd Draco Malfoy & Reader (54) George Weasley/Reader (50) Ron Weasley/Reader (29) Sirius Black/Reader (27) Cedric Diggory/Reader (27) Exclude Additional Tags Dec 13, 2015 · Draco, leading his two 'pals' Crabbe and Goyle, made his way toward you. The two of you haven't spoken since you broke up and he felt like he was drowning. He'd expected you to blow up on him for something  -Potter's Sister- Draco Malfoy x Female Reader The Slytherins were laughing about a joke that got drowned out in the chatter of the other students. Draco was half listening to her. He was down to just his pants when he realized he hadn’t heard Y/N return to the surface. But luckily It's feels like I' m drowning and no one sees me scream. (4) Hi guys! This one is a bit longer, but that’s just because I wanted to something extra, as an apology for not posting earlier. (Draco Malfoy x M!Reader) I Draco Malfoy x Slytherin!reader. fluff Draco pulls away. It was hard since i was in Hufflepuff and most people thought i was crazy to be with him but i loved him with all my heart. weasley, femalexfemale, harrypotter. Warnings: It’s quite fluffy at the beginning if I’m being honest, but then when you get to that part, um not so much. You were the outcast of the Slytherin house. Draco x Reader:I would never! Where was he?I wondered to my self as i walked up the path back towards the castle looking for my boyfriend of almost 2 years now. K. The group is composed of half-brothers Brian Ross and Bradley . (Fake Dating AU) Pairing: Draco Malfoy x reader Word Count: 2602 Today would be the perfect day to drown yourself if you could manage  25 Jan 2016 She kept her eyes on her book trying to drown them out. But maybe it's my  30 Jun 2015 Draco Malfoy imagine Request: I don't remember if I asked this or not but could hi Your rude comments and bullying, or trying to drown me? something with draco or one of the weasley twins where the reader admits their  20 Jul 2017 Lividness (Draco Malfoy x Reader) Part 1? Without missing a beat, you ran past him, drowning out his calls with the strangled cries that  17 Sep 2019 Not Really Mine “Summary: Draco Malfoy asks for unconventional help. But without the fireplace, which gave the room a comfy touch, tinting the nearby objects in orange light, I don't think I would've liked it very much. Draco clutched his in his hand, slightly wrinkling it. Fine Line- You hate Draco Malfoy but you know what they say, there's a fine line between love and hate. a/n: This is my first time writing for Draco. Troubelmaker (Draco malfoy x Neko Reader) August 9, 2016 gabrisha . Y/N chose to ignore the soothing sound of his sleepy voice. ” You spoke, surprisingly softly. 1 Pt. “Crookshanks, ‘Mione’s cat, has been after ‘Scabbers’ since Sirius was around. ” he mumbled and stretched his long limbs out. “Ah, sorry. Voldermort had just left the castle it Masterlist ~ GEORGE X READER ~ George x Reader (first post) Meeting the Family Quidditch Injuries Come Over Here Tickle Attacks & Cuddles Dangerous Potions Beauxbatons Date Distractions Empty Hot, | Les personnages appartiennent à J. But first everyone had to have their permission slips checked. Pt. Warning/s – War, swearing and death . The truth was that he had always been drowning. Warnings: None, kinda sad. As soon as his eyes caught onto yours, a sharp knife stabbed your heart and hundreds of confusing emotions filled your chest as you looked away and brushed passed them. Love Potion (Part 5) (Draco Malfoy x Reader) Part 5 is here now!!!! I’m sorry for the wait!! I hope all if you enjoy! Prologue / Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / End. Draco sat in Charms and he found his gaze landing on you again. Still, the  drowning in drarry. Sooner or later, she had to do it. Word Count: 1,569. He can’t eat, sleep or function at all. Drowning Your Love Sep 26, 2017 · It was 3 pm and the Hogsmeade trip was about to begin. When the invisible force pushed Malfoy down, starting to drag him to the Shrinking Shack, You had enough. 20 Sep 2016 You almost drowned in the lake today. Warnings: Alcohol, swearing, mentions of self harm, mentions of depression, mentions of death, mentions of sexual content/harassment (very tiny tiny mention) Very angsty. He’s on the verge of drowning from the pain and in an attempt to heal, his therapist convinces him to attend a support group for people who have lost a loved one. I hope to write more  if you could maybe do an imagine where draco and the reader are dating and is as she rolls her eyes and glances across the room, drowning him out again. harrypotter, dracomalfoy, reader. May 05, 2015 · I love this so much-there aren't many Lucius x readers that I really read but I love yours and I love the way reader is portrayed as a cunning, sly type-keep it up XD Reply Edited May 6, 2015 After losing Harry in an Auror’s accident, Draco is left alone with intense grief. Jun 30, 2015 · Everything's Alright (Draco x Reader) (REQUEST) The sound of boiling cauldrons and knives slicing ingredients filled the room as students chattered happily with their neighbors. McGonogal continues to speak about Hogwarts and its connection to Ilvermorny but her speech is drowned out by cheering from all Draco rolled his eyes while he watched her slowly sink underneath the water’s surface. Many hours and ‘laters’ had passed and Y/n still could not bring herself to give Draco the damn potion. Pairing: Draco Malfoy x reader . It was one of those rare days in which Professor Snape allowed us to choose our own partners for brewing potions and everyone was ecstatic. It was truly impressing. 31 Jul 2016 The Persuasion of Draco Malfoy (Draco x Reader) chapter 10 (Y/N) and Her first year, she dreamt that she was drowning in the Black Lake. You blushed, meantime. Draco x Reader 'people suck' You sat in the Slytherin common room, reading one of your favorite books, while listening to the crackling of the fireplace. Draco gritted his teeth, aggressively chopping  Draco Malfoy X Reader Virtuous Ray of Sunshine X Ex Bad Guy 8. Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader Request: hi!! i was wondering if you could write a draco x reader based on the song heather by conan gray with lots of angst? thank you! Summary: Draco Malfoy and Y/N Pairing: Draco Malfoyx Diggory!reader. I was looking for him b Jul 02, 2017 · [FINISHED] I'm doing "Harry Potter character X Reader" stories. He had been drowning his whole life. Tears flowed down her cheeks, as she sobbed to herself quietly. ” followed by a chorus of snickers from his teammates. Drowning Your Love {Ginny} Draco x Reader The big windows looking out into the depths of the Black Lake drowning the long room in a green hue, due to the dungeon extending partway under the lake. November 2020 Hypothetically (Draco Malfoy X Reader) by Miss-Union-Jack on DeviantArt. In which Draco will stop at nothing to prove to her just how much he loves her. Request: Love your stuff , is there any chance I could request a Draco x reader where Draco breaks up with you/reader because he’s a death eater , but then discovers ( reader/you ) is also a death eater and they feel less lonely going through together “can you do an imagine when the reader and Draco are in potion class and they are studying Amortentia potion and Draco and reader get paired and when they cant smell anything they freak and start sayings things like “ well if you wouldn’t have drowned yourself in honeysuckle and rain body spray maybe we would be able to smell’ and the other says something similar and the house that His father, the death-eaters, the eminent war - all of it had taken its toll on Draco Malfoy, and he was quickly deteriorating into a pitiful husk of what he could have been. Drowning . a/n: this fic was inspired by this post (x) and it gave me such Draco x Hufflepuff vibes. Draco continued the draining conversation for a while, and Pansy’s voice was so loud and shrill it drowned out the sound of the music coming from behind the door. She stands up on wonky legs, it’s a Draco panicking, as he watches the invisible thing spin Pike around like a sack of potatoes. 4 Jun 2017 “Especially Draco malfoy, he is mean to me everyday. Summary: After a disturbing experience after her brother’s death y/n is cast into a deep hole and is sure to never Feb 01, 2015 · Secrecy (A Draco Malfoy X Reader One-Shot) Secrecy As you sat on a seat in the common room, a majority of the house cheered. I already have some ideas, but please request in the comments if you'd like a story. Comment Colors (Draco Malfoy X Reader) I’ll be honest, I’ve had this one fully written since last week. ” Draco was about to let you go, but… “I like you a lot Draco. . angst w/ fluff ending . Requested by - @writingbyers “hi hi hi! I was wondering if you could write one where it’s Draco x Reader where the reader is Ron Weasley’s Twin Sister, with it set during the war?” Pairing - Draco x Reader. Aug 09, 2016 · Browse through and read reader killer neko x creepypasta fanfiction stories and books . ease my mind | neville longbottom x reader summary: your fiancé always helps you ease your troubles. Add to Favourites. Fanfiction Fantasy Romance  28 Feb 2016 The Prince of Slytherin Requests Are Open Draco x Reader Summery: Imagine everyone being confused when Draco and you are acting (a bit  9 Nov 2017 Draco x reader where Draco is a Death Eater and the reader is his long time you heard Draco yell, though your own screams drowned it out. Word Count: 1,354. I have for a really long time. | Si jamais vous avez des demandes d'histoires que vous aimeriez que j'écrive, envoyez-moi un message ! J'ai parfois peu d'idées, alors des propositions me feraient plaisir. Remus sat down drowning in the information. But with Pansy's insistent chatter it wasn't easy. your health comes first, so please if this topic The first 4 are nongendered and can be read platonically or romantic, as of the 5th (Draco) I am adding a bit of romance but I will add a warning in the notes whenever I do so in case you don't want to read romance! Edge (Zuko x Fem! Reader) “Genre: Fluff, Angst Yes, this is a series. You agree. “Well, then let’s kick it up a notch. I tend to throw in little things about me so I’m sorry if that bothers anyone x Read Drowning- Draco Malfoy x Reader from the story Harry Potter x Reader One shots by shamblesofawriter (Just Imagine) with 2863 reads. Read Possession {Draco}{Harry} from the story HP x Reader by Ginger_Queen_ (Jade) with 27,410 reads. So much so that Draco couldn’t even hear the music stop, or the door open. If you wonder who i am talking about it's Draco Malfoy my boyfriend since the 3rd year. Watered-down Lemonade (Draco Malfoy x Reader) She was drowning and needed to get to the surface as quick as possible. | Je pense faire en grande partie des x reader, mais ça ne veut pas dire que je ne ferais pas d'autres ships. pairing: draco malfoy x fem!slytherin!reader summary: someone asks if you and draco are dating and you accidentally make him think you're not into him by shutting it down-- so now you have to show him that you are. Draco x Reader - Friendzoned. Draco Malfoy x Slytherin!reader. Update Tags: @celestialceci @marvelobsessedteen @imaginesforthepeople @danidomm Drowning- Draco decides to break up with you after he gets his tattoo, not knowing you have one too. Hope you enjoy it! (and as always, let After losing in a Quidditch match against Gryffindor, Draco resorted to distancing himself, drowned out in his own collection of bottled misery. 5 Aug 2019 Draco Malfoy a child hood friend or more appropriately business partner owes his life to Estelle, read to find out. 2 Word count: 2k Warnings: Swearing This is a slow burn Main Masterlist Summary: Now you’re away from Zuko and traveling Drowning- Draco decides to break up with you after he gets his tattoo, not knowing you have one too. also, I’m really sorry in advance if some of the details don’t line up with you personally. As soon Draco X Reader X Fred Draco X Reader Drowning Jun 19 2018 Read Boggart from  7 Sep 2020 Draco Malfoy x Reader. 18 Nov 2018 Draco wished he was drowning in the Black Lake. 8 Jul 2017 during 6th year and reader is in the team, draco is stressed about his cup of iced coffee to drown her thoughts out and boost her motivation. word count: 2252 warnings: deals with depression. Draco always watches her and makes sure no one bother her. "It’s just, when we were planning the trip, she said nothing about it possibly falling on the day of her period. She leaned against the sink in the girl’s first floor bathroom, avoiding the second floor so Moaning Myrtle wouldn’t see her. draco x reader drowning

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